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Skin Care Sundays: Ambi Love Times Three

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The Ambi namesake is one of those brands that I’ve managed to “inherit” if that makes any sense. To help my combat my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, my mom, (also a devout Ambi user) recommended that I try the Ambi Fade Cream, which boasts Vitamin E, Alpha Hydroxy Acid and sunscreen among its ingredients.

I bet you any kind of money that if I were as consistent with my skin care as I am with writing and editing this blog, all of my dark spots would be faded nearly to nothing. The Ambi Fade Cream works; several small and medium spots have vanished right before my eyes. I am grateful that the Powers-That-Be formulated it with sunscreen. Thank God!

I know I put Ambi’s Even and Clear Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 on blast last year, but I have reconsidered this product, thanks to Robyn of Purely Cosmetics.

We chatted a bit on Twitter and by email. She told me that the chemicals that are present in this moisturizer (and other products deemed hazardous by the Cosmetic Database) are actually more harmful to the workers exposed to it on a regular basis than consumers like us.

However, the workers are usually properly attired for protection against coming in contact with large amounts of the ingredients. After pondering this exchange for half a minute, I felt a little guilty as if I had turned my back on an old friend. Ambi Even and Clear, I love you more than ever. Furthermore, you have soy extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and an SPF of 30 that makes my tummy go warm!

Ambi released its Soft and Even Skin Enhancing Moisture Cream last year. I’ve used this off and on for the past few months, and my knees have lightened considerably.

I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I’m sure you already know how efficient Ambi’s products are, right? This cream smooths wrinkled, dehydrated skin with the moisture-rich duo of shea butter and natural soy. I rarely wear shorts or skirts, so I’ve been able to shield my knees from the relentless San Antonio sun. Now the only task left to do is to try to make my knees look smoother.

Which Ambi products are your favorites?


  • Blackberry Molasses/The Rebel Intellectual

    I use the entire Ambi line… and here is a secret… it is essentially (ingredient wise) the SAME as the AVEENO POSITIVELY RADIANT LINE. How did I figure this out? I live in an area that has a dearth of brown skinned folk, so depending on which store I go to, their Ambis stuff is sparse, if not NON-EXISTENT. So I decided to hit the websites. Both are manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, have Soy Extracts as their main skin imporving ingredients. Positively radiant doesn’t have as many products in its line as AMBI, but it works just as well and my skin looks the best it has in YEARS!

  • Hairnista

    I love Ambi! I use the Daily Moisturizer faithfully. I haven’t picked up the fade cream in a minute but this was a great reminder. Thx 🙂

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