Year in Review: Most Popular Posts of 2012

Cici Ali is Back to the Future

Since my last popular post roundup was so well-received, I was anxious to know which topics interested you (longtime readers, first-time visitors, etc.) in 2012. Despite me being MIA for the most of the year and not blogging (I decided in March that I would not be continuing BVB in 2013), I am happy to say the top five are all organic. Which simply means they were NOT sponsored posts or the product of a rewritten press release.

Here are the top 5 most popular on Blaq Vixen Beauty in 2012:

1. Spring 2012 Trends: 12+ Purple Lip Colors to Satisfy Your Violet Tendencies
2. Welcome to the Sisterhood: My Favorite Two Step Products for National Sisters Day
3. Olivia Pope Pink Lipstick: What She Wore
4. How to Get Rihanna’s Hottest Red Eyeshadow Looks
5. Love, Write, Win: 5 Trends That Should Be On Your Beauty Bucket List (ShopStyle contest entry)

Voila! There you have it! Which posts were your favorite this year?

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