There are hundreds of celebrity beauty breakdowns featuring white actresses and other media personalities of the fairer persuasion. But, as a black woman and beauty researcher, I ask:

Where’s the melanin?

And that’s where Blaq Vixen Beauty comes in! I spend countless hours searching¬†for black celebrity beauty breakdowns for your favorite actresses. Alternatively, sometimes it is not possible to find complete makeup details, but I try to incorporate what I do find in my posts/articles with affiliate links (which helps support the site).

I understand how time-consuming it is to comb through the internet to locate the information that matters to you most (based on Blaq Vixen Beauty’s site search keywords). ¬†Find a new signature look, a lip color or new foundation all in one place!

Thank you for visiting, viewing and reading!

Secondly, I try to incorporate black-owned businesses (especially those created by black women) when I can.

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