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Urban Beauty Legend: Toni Braxton’s Makeup Line

Toni Braxton's Makeup Line

Recently, entertainment blogger Sandra Rose conducted an interview with Toni Braxton’s personal assistant Zo. Zo, whose real name is Lorenzo, is a 22-year-old college grad who counted “best friend” Nivea as a client before meeting Braxton and her sisters. What caught my attention in Rose’s interview was this sentence:

But Zo takes it all in stride as he prepared to fly back to Los Angeles from Atlanta yesterday to assist Braxton, who’s launching her own makeup line soon.

I loved the first season of Braxton’s Family Values immensely. I wanted to write a post titled “Beauty and the Braxtons: Makeup Tips I Learned from Watching the Series.” Besides the drama, I watched for the makeup. I thought the sisters overdosed on┬ácheek icing –it seemed blush covered the entire side of their faces! However, it was because of the banging brood that I finally invested in Taos, my first NARS blush.

I haven’t heard anything else on this subject but my attention is beyond piqued as this new venture could be a lucrative deal for Toni Braxton if it’s indeed true. I hope her line has┬ámany highlighters, blushes and foundations available for our hoarding beautifying pleasure! Also, let’s hope that Braxton’s line is high quality – none of that dollar store crap, please!

Your thoughts? Do you think Toni Braxton should do a cosmetic line or should she just continue singing?

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