Teanna Trump’s Pristine Pocketbook Tips

The Teanna Trump x Brown Girl Friendly  Interview in collaboration with Krissy of Heart of the Hustle and Nesh of Western & Rose.

Beauty | Beautifying the Box with Teanna Trump

Brown Girl Friendly: In your current career, the way the “pocketbook” looks can be important. What do you do for hair removal?

Teanna Trump: I honestly shave my body with a men’s shaver because it gets super close to my skin, and makes me feel silky smooth.

BGF: Which method do you prefer: waxing, shaving or laser and where do you go?

T.T.: Shaving, but I’ve always wanted to try waxing!

BGF:  Do you treat yourself by receiving these services at a medical spa or beauty center?

T.T.: I only treat myself to the spa when I’m with Misty Stone, it’s her favorite thing to do. I love making her feel relaxed.

BGF: Are you required by your management (or production company) to receive these services on a regular basis?

T.T.: Ya know, I’ve never showed up to a shoot hairy. And on our call sheets, they never say we have to be bald (laughs), but they always have shavers nearby if we come freestyle.

BGF: Alternatively, is it your decision as long as you look presentable on camera?

T.T.: I think they just want us to show up and have the craziest sex ever! So yes, I think it’s our decision if we want a bush or not.

BGF: Do you use makeup for your mound/bikini area? Some “pocketbooks” are so perfect that we have to ask!

T.T.: No, I’ve never put makeup anywhere but my face because it would rub off! Some porn stars just know how to take care of ourselves.

BGF: Do you battle with unevenness or post hair removal issues such as razor bumps?  If so, what are the name of these products? Why do you love them?

T.T.: I always shave the night before my shoot because after I shave I put baby powder on my vagina. It takes my razor bumps away.  If I shave the day of, then yes, I’ll have razor bumps.

BGF: What about anal bleaching? Is that something you have done or would consider?

T.T.: Although I think my butt looks fine, yes!!! I would consider anal bleaching.

BGF: Do you have any tips or tricks brown girls can use specifically?

T.T.: Yes! Before you shave, soak your vagina in baby oil. After you shave, apply baby powder to your pussy and ass!

Health, Diet, and Fitness | Sacred Snatch with Teanna Trump

BGF: We know Erykah Badu swears by clean eating and raw cranberry juice.  Are there any specific foods or recipes you consume for optimal vaginal health?

T.T.: I eat a lot of yogurt! Since I do porn, we exchange a lot of juices that could cause a bacteria. Yogurt kills it fast!

BGF: Do you make it a habit to detox regularly?

T.T.: I don’t do anything harmful, so I haven’t detoxed yet.

BGF: Have you tried vaginal steaming treatments?  If so, how was it?

T.T.: I have never heard of that, but I want to look into it for sure! Sounds pleasurable (laughs). We keep seeing it on reality shows.

BGF: What feminine hygiene products do you use?

T.T.: I use Summer’s Eve for my vaginal wash! Then any type of douche because we’re not supposed to use the water inside of it, and that’s usually what the price limit is based on.

BGF: Someone on our team swears by Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Pure-Castile Soap in Peppermint to freshen up after a period. Are you more inclined to use all natural/organic/vegan feminine hygiene products?

T.T.: Organic is always better! So I’m sure those products make you feel great!

BGF: Have you found other ways to enhance your orgasms?

T.T.: I love the Hitachi Wand! But I don’t overuse it because then I’ll just be used to that sensation.

BGF: Some scenes can be rough. What is your follow up routine after one?

T.T.: I take a long bath, and I soak in coconut oil. It’s great for your insides and outsides!

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