How to Have a Low Stress Transition to Natural Hair

I hate to bust the levitra online canada liberation bubble for those of viagra online no prescription you who are ready to dazzle the world with your natural curls, but I must share the scoop. Transitioning does not mean that you have received a “no more hair salon” pass. Many women find that they need new support in terms of product recommendations and cheapest viagra styling techniques. Often the woman who proudly boasts “I got this” after four months may feel frustration after six months because she can no longer keep up with her old at-home regimen.

Here are a few beauty matchmaker tips for those of you that are contemplating or in the midst of a hair transition:

1. Tell your hair stylist. I had one reader tell me that she was afraid to tell her stylist that she wanted to go natural. She assumed that her stylist would try to convince her to remain hooked on relaxers. In reality, many hair stylists tell me that they want to support you whether your hair is relaxed, natural, or purple. If you don’t hear the support that you expected, then just find a new stylist.

2. Revisit your products in your closet. You may discover that your old ace products no longer yield the same results. There are a number of products on the market today that may work better during your transition.

3. Don’t just hide your natural hair under extensions. Some women decide to get through the canada no prescription viagra tough part of the transition process by hiding their hair under a wig. Neglecting your fragile multi-texture hair is asking for damage. Seek out a professional stylist who services natural hair clients for advice about how to manage your hair until you are ready for the chop. And of course, seek out natural hair communities for ongoing support.

Beauty note: I asked Mikki Taylor (who inspired me to write one of my popular posts Black Celebrity Beauty ID: Kerry Washington’s Nude Lipsticks) “what beauty advice would you give a makeup newbie who just did ‘the big chop’?” She responded so graciously:

Decide which feature – eyes or lips – you’d like to work and then choose your best makeup looks. I’d say start with great neutrals and techniques that work for you. In my book, Commander in Chic, I share a list of the best picks in this category.

V. Woods transformed from frustrated hair salon client to entrepreneur when she launched My Salon Scoop. connects hair salon clients and stylists together online to foster better communication, happier clients, and more profitable salons.

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