Wrapping Hair: How I Mastered the Doobie

Wrapping hair is a foreign concept to me. Normally, right before bed, I’d stuff my hair into one of the satin hair bonnets I’ve bought from my local beauty supply store. However, since I read BellaSugar’s tutorial on wrapping, I’ve decided to try my hand again at mastering the perfect beaten, bedtime beehive, minus the wrap pins.

Easier said than done, but it isn’t impossible – in fact, I was able to suppress my rampant frustration to a minimum for a couple of weeks. This was my “Missy Elliot said I had to get my hair did” period. My hairdresser educated me on which product to use. Regular wrap lotion was too heavy; plain oil sheen will get the job done.

Eagerly at first, I gathered my essentials: hair sheen and a boar brush. I was keen on reproducing the flawless, disciplined swirl my hairstylist created that day.

Patience has never been a virtue of mine, but violence was. I kid you not, after fooling around with my ‘do for five minutes, I was ready to tear up my room! I had not learned how to manipulate my hands nor had I learned how to section my hair sufficiently. I managed to keep the ends of my hair protected from the elements and my clothing.

At my next engagement, the amazement of this feat did not escape my mane maven. In fact, upon assessment of my tresses, she ceased, she assessed, and she marveled.

Ooh, girl! Look at these ends! You’ve been wrapping your hair, huh? You finally did it!

I was bubbling with countless narratives in which I never truly understood the phrase “Patience is a virtue” until now. Patience is what prevented me from looking like a Black unhinged, hairless Britney Spears. So, instead of divulging how I damn near lost my mind trying to keep my style, I nodded meekly, flashing a wry smile.

Around two years later, here I am, more concerned with my personal appearance than ever before. I’m babying my hair and skin back to a considerable level of appeal thanks to my obsessive, almost neurotic tendency to become the ideal beauty editor.

There, I admit it. No, scratch that. Not ideal, but the one that manages to author a mildly entertaining post regardless of mild episodes of ADHD and blogger’s block.

No, my wraps are not flawless sculptures of finesse. A typical wrap for me is a frozen mass of chaos – like a furrowed form of a scream. But I’ve learned to embrace it and sometimes if I’m feeling more artsy than usual, I can produce a decent wrap that stays flat and still.

How about you? Have you embraced the wrap or have you learned another way to keep your hairstyle?

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