How to Take Great Selfies Like Sanaa Lathan

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Around three hours ago, I received an email on the Oxford Dictionary Word of 2013: “selfie.” Instantly, I thought of reigning selfie queen Sanaa Lathan. The actress is a sexy social media beast with a magnificent mane thanks to celebrity hairstylists Larry Sims and Kim Kimble, respectively. She was instrumental in hyping up her fans for The Best Man Holiday, the long-awaited sequel to 1999’s The Best Man. To quote Margena A. Christian’s “Return of the Black Pack” in the November 2013 issue of Ebony Magazine:

For Holiday, Lee had to up the PR ante, but like a pro, he rose to the occasion, using social media to do some of the legwork. Early on, an unofficial “who-can-get-the-word-out-best” contest of sorts started up among the cast. “Sanaa won every week with Instagram. No one was even close,” confirms Lee. Lathan helped spread the word in late April with her exclusive photos taken on the Toronto set. Her pics drummed up so much excitement that The Huffington Post wrote a story about her exciting image feed.

With tips from Thicker Fuller Hair, here’s how to take great selfies like Sanaa Lathan:

Sanaa Lathan in Red Lips Take Great Selfies (with Great Hair!) Like Sanaa Lathan It’s important to note that the angle is one of the first things that you should focus on. Holding your phone or camera directly in front of you is not flattering; avoid if possible. A 45 degree angle from above is the best and most flattering angle that will ensure a selfie that will garner many compliments.

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Sanaa Lathan Big Hair1 Take Great Selfies (with Great Hair!) Like Sanaa Lathan

The key to a perfectly fabulous selfie is great hair. To highlight the hair itself, be sure that all the flawlessly styled locks you worked so hard on are in the frame!  Hold your phone as far away from your body as needed to keep hair the focus.

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Sanaa Lathan Looking Above Lens Take Great Selfies (with Great Hair!) Like Sanaa Lathan

It’s always better to look just above or below the lens. Be sure to tilt your chin up slightly and play around with different head and eye placement for a selfie that best reflects you and highlights your beauty!

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Photos courtesy of Sanaa Lathan’s Instagram