Insecure Hella Great Fashion #InsecureHBO

Pre-order the Insecure Season 2 Album now! Editor's note: Welcome to my Insecure Hella Great Fashion breakdown! I'll update this post with new fashion IDs as I find them so check back! Fashion breakdowns for "Hella Questions," "Hella Open," "Hella LA" and "Hella Shook" available. Ooh, so I jumped on theĀ Insecure wave pretty late; when … Continue reading Insecure Hella Great Fashion #InsecureHBO

Cyber Monday Sales: Shop Small, Shop Black

As always, I'll be adding more Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to this list as I receive them. Every business/brand listed is black-owned. Cyber Monday Sales Undra Celeste NY is having a massive sale - at 40% - on their elegant wares! Use code SHOP2016 at checkout. Tnemnroda are having a generous Cyber Monday … Continue reading Cyber Monday Sales: Shop Small, Shop Black