Insecure Hella Questions Fashion #InsecureHBO

Pre-order the Insecure Season 2 Album now! Editor's note: Welcome to my Insecure Hella Questions Fashion breakdown! I'll update this post with new fashion IDs as I find them so check back!  Fashion breakdowns for "Hella Great," "Hella Open," "Hella LA," "Hella Shook," and "Hella Blows" now available.  Last updated: 9 August 2017. P.S. If … Continue reading Insecure Hella Questions Fashion #InsecureHBO

How #BlackUp Curiously Lost Its Black Founder Fabrice Mahabo

Blaq Vixen Beauty researches what happened to BlackUp Cosmetics' original founder/owner Fabrice Mahabo. Check out my latest article "Black Beauty Brands That Aren't Black-Owned." TL;DR: Fabrice Bernard Mahabo was the founder and owner of black|Up. He did not willingly sell his company. Jean-Francois Damour is the new owner and president of black|Up Lionel Durand is the new … Continue reading How #BlackUp Curiously Lost Its Black Founder Fabrice Mahabo