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Black Beauty Brands That Aren’t #Blackowned

Black Beauty Brands That Aren't black-owned on Blaq Vixen Beauty ( Black Opal Beauty is not black-owned. Black Radiance is not black-owned. Blackup is not black-owned. Flori Roberts is not black-owned. Sacha Cosmetics is not black-owned.

Check out my most popular article of 2015 “How Black|Up Curiously Lost Its Black Founder Fabrice Mahabo.”

This article was originally titled “Black Beauty Brands with Non-Black CEOs” (hence the permalink) but was changed to “Black Beauty Brands That Aren’t #Blackowned” shortly after publication. A peer suggested that readers like you will care more about ownership rather than positions/titles. Am I explicitly asking you to boycott these brands? No, just make more informed makeup choices that correlate with your beliefs.

Recently, I watched Alissa Ashley’s Black Owned Makeup Brands Matter (#BOMB) Makeup Youtube Tutorial. In this surprising video, Alissa uses black-owned brands to achieve a complete look. She features 100% black-owned brands like AJ Crimson Beauty, Juvia’s Place, Lena Lashes, and Coloured Raine. SheaMoisture is 51% black-owned at the time of this post. Black Radiance and Sacha Cosmetics are not black-owned at all. Black Radiance is ran by a black team that could possibly negotiate a deal to buy the brand from Markwins.

I love this black-owned beauty brand challenge, and I hope more beauty gurus participate. However, one disturbing trend I’ve noticed is misinformation. Unfortunately, too many of us think that the leading black beauty brands are black-owned. Moreover, what’s even more disappointing is that no one names the CEOs of these companies. As influencers, we have to ensure the information that we share with our network is accurate.

Here are five popular black beauty brands with non-black CEOs:
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Achieve Complexion Perfection with IMAN Cosmetics

Editor’s note: Information posted from the IMAN Cosmetics Facebook Fan Page.

IMAN Cosmetics have put together this mini guide to help you decide which foundation you need to use in order to put your best face forward. For reference, I am NW40/NC45 in MAC and Caramel in Revlon ColorStay. I haven’t been matched to Fashion Fair (no rep at the nearest counter here in Fort Lewis) in over a year so I decided not to post my shade.

If you have hyperpigmented skin or acne scars, go for a stick or cream foundation. They perfectly camouflage discoloration, while blending to a natural-looking, creamy finish. Most blend so seamlessly that you rarely need concealer. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Stick Foundation.

If you have minor spots, try a full-coverage liquid foundation or a cream-to-powder formula. Slightly less coverage than a stick, but still great for hiding trouble areas. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation.

If you have good skin but want extra polish, go with a sheer liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Either provides ultra-light coverage with just a hint of a tint. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luxury Liquid Makeup Enriched with Minerals.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, an oil-control liquid foundation is a must-have as it prevents midday greasies, and leaves you with a clean, matte finish. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luxury Liquid Makeup Enriched with Minerals.

If you have combination skin, it’s all about a balancing liquid foundation, which makes the t-zone matte and hydrates drier areas like cheeks, forehead, and chin. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luxury Liquid Makeup Enriched with Minerals.

If you want to fake radiant, my-night-was-better-than-yours-glow, you must use iridescent, illuminating liquids or sticks. They don’t hide, they highlight. Dot and blend along cheekbones, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin. Try IMAN Cosmetics Second to None Luminous Foundation.