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Her Exact Look: Kerry Washington’s 2014 Emmys Makeup

Kerry Washington by Carola Gonzalez: Neutrogena, Kevyn Aucoin and Dior skin.  Since Kerry’s skin has been exalted as “naturally flawless” already in a previous beauty breakdown I have in draft, I’ll continue with the accolades. I’m sure Gonzalez followed a similar regimen in preparing Kerry for this year’s Emmys: Prep the skin with Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer to […]

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Black Celebrity Beauty ID: Kerry Washington’s Nude Lipsticks

Kerry Washington, “the epitome of chic-dom“, has mastered the art of wearing nude lipstick. Her signature pink lipstick as Olivia Pope is pretty epic, but it’s just something about the way the actress wears a pout with a hint of caramel or rose. She sets the standard for habitual nude lipstick wearers everywhere, wouldn’t you […]

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Olivia Pope’s #Scandal Hair: Kerry Washington’s Signature Flip

She may not be a saint, but Olivia Pope’s hair looks as if  Jesus and his disciples descended from above to whip her tresses into waves of glory. Her feathered flip is as cool as her shade of pinkish nude lipstick. Linda Villalobos, hairstylist for Kerry Washington on Scandal, recently joined Twitter. Tweeting from @layersofbeauty, here is what […]


Olivia Pope’s #Scandal Nails: Kerry Washington’s Signature CND Shellac Mani

Olivia Pope’s Nails, Season 1: CND Shellac in Negligee + CND Shellac in Cocoa Scandal‘s nail guru and Creative Nail Design (CND) spokeswoman Lisa Wong shared the political fixer’s signature nail polish combo on her Twitter account. Wong told Allure Magazine recently, “In Olivia’s fast-paced life, there isn’t a lot of time for makeup or nail-color […]

Kerry's Oscar makeup
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Get Her Exact Look: Kerry Washington’s 2013 Oscar Makeup

I am obsessed with Kerry Washington. I’ve said this before and it still rings true today. I have a crush on her lips alone. This is also the woman who plays the fascinating Olivia Pope every Thursday night. Washington wore natural makeup with touches of rose and berry for the 2013 Oscars. I did not love […]

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Celebrity Nail ID: Kerry Washington’s Nude Nails

Recently, Kerry Washington’s manicurist Jenna Hipp posted about Kerry’s favorite nude nail combinations on her Tumblr blog Nailing Hollywood. She says, “Kerry Washington from Scandal tweets her love for HIPP x RGB Nude Nail System today: I am loving the #HIPPxRGB by @jennahipp. You can mix and match the colors for a perfect #nudepolish. “[She] wears […]