Londyn Nikole’s Unkissable Lip Gloss Line

I haven’t been to a club since November, and even then I was too busy observing local beauty/fashion trends (for research of course) to enjoy myself. I picked a table in the middle of the club and mentally jotted out ideas for future blog posts. Don’t even ask. It’s a habit now.

londyn nikole unkissable lip gloss line

However, despite my situation, I am beyond excited about Londyn Nikole’s new Unkissable lip gloss line, launching May 14, 2012. I’ve been waiting for months for LN to release photos of the actual lip glosses and I finally have a few. It’s a durable and long-lasting black-light lip gloss line dedicated to the vixens who throb in the heat of the night and prefer their lips to shine and glow even when the lights are low:

unkissable liplighters collection

I like to call this photo “the calm before the storm” because no one would guess this sampling of super-hydrating lip paints pulls double duty. It’s like a fashion-forward flashlight for your lips!

black light lip gloss

Voila! Magic! It’s a neon primer and gloss in one.

unkissable liplighters collection 2

“It’s the look of a lip liner with the color payoff of a lipstick and the beautiful shine of a gloss.”

The idea for this line has been in progress since 2010, and it’s finally great to see this collection debut┬áthis year. I love the packaging (was a medic for a little over two years), and there are┬ávarious tantalizing colors for many occasions (like that candy apple red towards the bottom).

I don’t ever think clubbing will be a major hobby for me, but I do like unconventional makeup brands so Unkissable will definitely be one to watch! It’s provocative so, it gets the vixens going!

From this first look, will the “Unkissable” Lip Gloss Line find a place in your clubbing makeup stash? As they say, “Who doesn’t want what they can’t have?”