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Black Celebrity Nail ID: Kerry Washington’s Nude Nails


Kerry Washington’s Nude Nails: HIPP x RGB Nail Foundation and Nail Tints

Recently, Kerry Washington’s manicurist Jenna Hipp posted about Kerry’s favorite nude nail combinations on her Tumblr blog Nailing Hollywood. She says, “Kerry Washington from Scandal tweets her love for HIPP x RGB Nude Nail System today:

I am loving the #HIPPxRGB by @jennahipp. You can mix and match the colors for a perfect #nudepolish.

“[She] wears HIPPxRGB Nail Foundation F2 topped with HIPPxRGB Nail Tint T2 for a shade ‘slightly lighter than her skin tone, offering an exemplary classic nude coverage with a touch of contrast,” says Hipp.

And look at that vibrant tangerine tango lip! Celebrity makeup artist Autumn Moutrie chatted with Lifestyle Mirror and said she made Kerry’s vibrant lip with MAC Lipsticks in Lady Danger and So Chaud.

The online shopping resource went on to say that “warm skin tones (like Kerry’s) can be brightened up by softer oranges and corals.” Olive-skinned and caramel complexioned beauties should try NARS Satin Lipstick in Casablanca, a classic full-bodied coral.

Tangerine lips and nude nails: what a combination but it works! What products would you use?

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